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The Surprising Benefits of Thai Massage

There are many reasons why you should come and try Thai Massage.

Please read on to find out amazing benefits of Thai Massage that you can discover at Pimsiri Thai Massage centers in Ferntree Gully and Mitcham.

General Benefits of Thai Massage

Are you experiencing built-up muscular tensions? Thai massage is known to reducing lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or knee pain. It also helps improve your posture and joint’s stiffness. One of our technique including stretching will also help reduce muscles tensions. The benefits of Thai Massage include but not limited to increasing blood flow and mobility in the joints and manipulating muscles toward further relaxation. We find that Thai Massage is great for reducing migraine combating insomnia, while improving your immune system in the same time!

Benefits of Thai Massage
Surprising Benefits of Thai Massage

How do we give Thai Massage?

Thai massage is the type of technique using different part of our therapists’ body to help manipulate yours. Pimsiri’s experienced Thai massage therapists will move your body in a series of stretches at the same time that they incorporate reflexology, acupressure, and meditation. Our hands, feet, knees, and elbows are used to help achieving our treatment goals. We use the techniques that include pressing the energy points. Thai massage employs targets specific areas with applied pressure, which helps to release tensions so that muscles may be further manipulated lengthened effectively.

Thai Massage can help improving range of motion

Have you experienced a poor range motion on your shoulders? Or anywhere else? Have you tried different treatments that you find dissatisfied? Give Thai Massage a try! Thai massage is known to help mobilizing the joints. We use yoga-style stretching which help to release tension in the joints, adding mobility and enhancing the range of movement. Thai massage can effectively help increase joint mobility and range of movement, particularly after a series of treatments. We find that Thai massage can help reduce join pain while enhancing the flexibility in the same time.

Traditional Thai massage in Melbourne
Thai Massage can help improving range of motion

Treating Headaches & Neck Pain

As we use the energy points, joint manipulation combined with the massage and stretching, you will feel that muscle tension is reduced, the body is relaxed. Thai massage technique will target underlying dysfunction contributing to symptoms of pain in a holistic and highly effective manner.

What do you think about coming in and get a good one-hour massage? Get ready to have your headache and neck pain disappeared!

Reduces Stress

Thai massage is well known for reducing headache, stress, and enhance a sense of overall wellbeing. Thai massage technique encourages a mind/body connection. Meditation during the treatment will help reduce stress itself.

As with any expert massage, the release of joint and muscular tension leads to the benefit of increasing in health and well-being, as Thai massage helps to free energy flow and releasing emotional tension held within the body. The end result is a heightened sense of well-being and optimum relaxation.

Thai massage in Melbourne, Mitcham & Ferntree Gully
Thai massage reduces stress

Increase Energy

How can Thai Massage increase your energy? The stretches and movements get your blood moving, and the acupressure aspect relaxes muscles and eases tension, which will increase your energy overall.

Now are you ready to try one of Melbourne’s Best Thai Massage

At Pimsiri Thai Massage, we only have experienced therapists working. We believe that our Thai massage is a healing art that can benefit your mind and body in so many ways.

We trust our therapists to be ones of the top Thai Massage therapists in Melbourne. We spend a lot of time finding the right therapists and give them more training to achieve and exceed our standard.

We offer the best massage and the best service. We are a small business with a big heart. We take pride in what we do. Our goal is to help healing you to improve your health & well-being while relaxing your mind and body. We have a range of services for you to choose from and we have gift certificate available in store and online.

Visit us today at one of our 2 locations, including Mitcham and Ferntree Gully.


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