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Pimsiri Traditional Thai Massage in Melbourne

What sets us apart

  • Highly experienced therapists. We constantly provide training and regularly making sure that we all provide exceptional massages and services.

  • We listen to your needs. If you tell us you want a relaxation massage. We give you a good at the pressure you like. If you have a lower back pain and request a deep tissue massage, we will give you a deep tissue massage and stretching which will relieves deep muscle tension

  • We use our special Thai Herbal Balms which are known for helping speed up your recovery when you do a Deep Tissue or a Combination Thai-Oil massage. (Free of charge)

  • Affordable Prices

  • Variety of services

  • Beautiful Massage Gift Certificate Available in store and online


  • You are not a number to us. We do our job with care

  • Booking is made easy! Simply call or book online

    Mitcham branch : 
    0412 916 756 or book online CLICK

    Kew branch : 
    0420 777 997 or book online CLICK

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